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Nude Models Wanted
We love art! We are creating a form of art by utilizing screenshots from videos supplied by nude models, and then using those screenshot photos to create business card images, and then enlarging the business card images to create jigsaw puzzles. Please read our FAQ for more information. This website is for adults only. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this website immediately!

For the following four (4) copyrighted videos, a screenshot from each video was used to create a business card image, which in turn will be used to create a jigsaw puzzle. We hope you enjoy watching the videos, and in the future we may begin selling the jigsaw puzzles. The business cards look great when printed, and the jigsaw puzzles will look even better due to their larger size. Please note that we hope our website viewers will want to help support the nude models who have submitted their videos, so we have provided a website link to the model's website below if one is available. You're in luck! This model has her own website (link shown below). Once on her website, please look for any links on her website to buy her gifts, tip her, etc.

Goddess Jayna

Click on the photos below to watch her videos

video #1 of Goddess Jayna   video #2 of Goddess Jayna
Video #1   Video #2
video #3 of Goddess Jayna   video #4 of Goddess Jayna
Video #3   Video #4

From the videos above, a business card image and a jigsaw puzzle image were created as shown below. Notice the 4 photos on the first business card below are the same as the starting frames of the videos above.

As for the business card images shown above, which one is your favorite? Most people have probably never seen a business card that looks as good as the ones that you will see on this website. When was the last time that you saw four photos of a nude model on a business card? Here on you can see a beautiful business card featuring a nude model (which will then be enlarged to produce the image for a jigsaw puzzle), and you can watch the videos from which it was created. (The jigsaw puzzles may be available for purchase in the future).

Click on the banner below to go to the model's website:

We could have just used four (4) photos to create the business card image and the jigsaw puzzle image ..... but that would have been a bit boring. If you watch Video #2 above again, notice the beauty of everything: the nude model, the water dropping over the waterfall, the sound of the water, the sunlight reflections on the rock from the water, the green ferns, etc., etc. To see the jigsaw puzzle image and to know it was produced from the 4 videos is kind of unique. If a model can take some short video clips of some beautiful places with her phone, then who knows, she may want to be on a jigsaw puzzle. We are working on this overall concept, so please check back.

Nude Models Wanted (female only) - You can call / text David at (304) 273-one-zero-two-zero from 9:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M. Eastern time. My full name is on the business card image and jigsaw puzzle image above.

The waterfall shown in the videos above has a website, which is:
R i f f l e F a l l s . c o m
(remove the spaces, and the small letter "f" is "double f" ).
For questions, comments, etc., please contact us by email at:

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